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Bringing You Back ~ Painting

Regular price $300.00

Acrylic paint on thick, 300lb archival quality paper.

9 x 12 inches 

Painting goes to the very edge of the paper on all sides.

White frame included.  

Signature on the back of the painting (inside the frame) .

A re-envisioning of the Death Head Moth ( a real moth that has a skull-like pattern on it's back) as a fairy-adjacent type figure and the skull is strapped to the top of her head. In this vision she is bringing someone back from death or some death-like type of existence. Transforming them by bringing them out of their muted state, languishing at the bottom of a dark river.

My work is always, at it's heart, about the human experience: about me, and about you. It's about the things we want.

Like transformation (in order to function better in the sunlit world of our practical lives )- OR MAGIC ( to enchant the world we live in so it reflects back to us the nature of our own darkly sparkling souls) .