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Photo by Lindsay Elliott

        Someone once called me a "sci-fi witch" - in response to my art practice - and I couldn't agree more : )  

       I'm passionate about creating work for people who would love to add something a little different to their art collection, like an escape hatch that leads you out of the day-to-day and into a somewhat psychedelic, and mildly gothic, storybook-world.

       And I'll be there just chilling in the void with some wobbly rainbows and my sentient crystal friends. 


Here's my more official artist biography:

  On the visual journey through Rebecca Chaperon’s work we are repeatedly immersed in surreal versions of the world, places that waver just outside of our perception. Hovering crystals, palatial icebergs, secretive caves, and psychedelic gardens are some of the recurring motifs found in each of her painting series. Chaperon’s work shifts between treating the landscape as figurative representation or as highly symbolic spaces that hint at a mysterious narrative. 

  Chaperon was born in England in 1978 and graduated from Emily Carr University in 2002. Her work is exhibited and collected internationally and she is a two-time recipient of Canada Council Awards for her Antarticus and Cave Paintings series respectively. She has shown extensively in Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, and has been included in exhibitions in Richmond (VA), Chicago (IL), San Fransisco and Los Angeles (CA). Her paintings are held by several private and corporate collections including TD Canada, Senvest and Aritzia.