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Do you take commissions?

Yes! At my discretion. I have to factor in my time and interest in the project. Also I usually only take commissions that are super similar to something I have done before because it's low risk for both of us and less chances of things getting lost in translation. 

Especially great if you are looking to purchase a bigger piece and are looking for a particular size to fit in a certain place in your home. I can help talk things through with you so we find the right solution. 


How long will shipping take?

I'll send a tracking number once it ships. I try to ship within a week - but I am just one lady trying to balance between the business tasks and time-consuming ( though I love it !) creative work. If something has gone wrong with shipping do get in touch and I'll do what I can : ) 


Are your paintings created with high quality paint? Will it last? 

Yep, I only use artist grade, fade-resistant colours. Some brands create colours that aren't fade-resistant and I avoid those colours. I also varnish my paintings so that they can handle a gentle cleaning from time to time : ) Using a soft cotton cloth you can dampen it slightly and use to wipe off dust.  I'd advise taking off rings or being careful of long nails during this process so you don't scratch the surface by accident.


Do you do returns?

No. All sales are final so be certain about the piece you want before you buy it or you can always resell to someone else you think might like the piece and give it a new home. 


Do you do secret painting parties anymore?

I don't do those anymore - though a part of my soul misses them so much! Perhaps one day I will find an online way to bring a little of that magic to you once again. Now I'm feeling nostalgic !