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Pocket Collections: Are you a pocket collector ?

Posted by Rebecca Chaperon on

A groups of small paintings hanging on a wall above a table with plants and Rebecca Chaperon drinking coffee from a pink french press


What is a "pocket collection" ?  (You may well ask.)

     It's just my term for a collection of small paintings that can be hung on a wall in a group. You can see me adding the plants to this display in a short instagram video here. 

    There are so many benefits to creating a collection like this: you can invest in many pieces over time and you can rearrange the pieces and swap pieces out if you are the type of person who likes to change your decor up alot. 

    Small art is also less expensive but still so incredibly lovely to behold. It's a great way to collect art when you are on a bit of a budget but still want to make your home or work space a little more magical.

    Recently I introduced payment plans on all my paintings over $200 CAD which should help make buying my art a little more accessible as well. I'm really excited about that because it means people like me can have a chance to collect art too. 

     And finally, you get to put your creative cap on to decide how you want them to hang together - which pieces should be close to one another ( are they best friends?) and which need to be on opposite sides to even out where the light or dark or similar colours should go.

So in a way we get to collaborate creatively, and I love that. 

You can take a peek at a few pieces I have at home in this TikTok: 


@rebeccachaperonart Use this audio AND Show your home art collection @jamiesmithstudio @BrandyMasch @Janet @Kira Kira @unicornmarketingco @fieldtrippers @caitlinffrench @Bramble Lee Pryde | Artist ♬ Clair de Lune - Johann Debussy

 There's kind of no wrong way to do it - even if you hang them upside down - that could be kind of interesting - who knows ! 


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