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Posted by Rebecca Chaperon on


   Here is a little story that I wrote about my painting seen above "Immortal Friend". I feel, perhaps, that it is in need of a little tweaking still... because I hate that I used the word utterly twice - and thought about, but could not decide upon, a different word to use in the last paragraph. Please add suggestions in the comments below ha ha. Anyway ! Here is my story:

     I made you my immortal friend...because the soul is an ephemeral inhabitant, only temporarily haunting the radiant palace of your body. What keeps us together, beyond death, decay and destruction, is the alchemy of our attachment. Powerfully magnetic and utterly transformational, this bond is the only way to breech the peripheral veil between life and death.  

     To find the source of our particular, immortal magic, takes us on a journey through a hushed forest, birds startle at our approach, and foxes dart away. Then a lake, black, looms in the centre of a clearing. Here, we swim down to the entrance of an underground vault. Inside we dry off and make our way through the maze of hallways with flickering, florescent lights that buzz in a not-unpleasant way. Finally, we find the locker with our names engraved on the outside. Balanced carefully within is a towering pile of evidence. Neatly stacked and labelled, though very dusty. Each piece in the catalogued assortment proves stranger than the last:


Exhibit A)

A rather wrinkled dress that under inspection was found to be coated in human tears, long-dried from the time you cried on my shoulder, quickly drenching the fabric of my dress but eventually causing a body of water to grow to the size of an ocean, so sad were you.

Exhibit B) 

The plaster cast of a footprint from the time you went missing and I walked in your footsteps, so carefully that the original foot print was still perfectly cast in relief. 

Exhibit C)

A deflated human form from the night you beheld both myself and my doppelganger fighting ferociously by the river in the woods, but could still perceive which of the identical bodies contained my actual phantom soul and so you quickly poked your pocket knife into the other one who rapidly deflated.


The secret about the after life is this: yes it's true, you can't take cherished objects or bags of money with you, but you can utterly destroy the boundaries of the unrelenting world by making an IMMORTAL FRIEND.


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