Wall calendars (shipping outside of North America)

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Another year, another 100% uncursed calendar : ) 

 *These calendars only ship outside North America. For Calendars shipping to a location in North America shop here: North American Calendars

Choose between three sizes: 

# 1.    14.8 x 40 cm Slim Calendar 

# 2.   A4. Regular Calendar  

# 3.   A3  Large Calendar   


If you are used to purchasing my calendar this one will be a different style than previous years.  This year's calendar hangs from a little metal loop where the coil is AND both grid and image are printed on the same page ( coil and hanging loop at the top of the page). Oh la la ! 

Differences between #1, #2 and #3:

I've used the same images in all calendars but when it comes to the way the image is cropped,  #2  and #3 are the same but #1 Slim Calendar is a bit different. See images for reference : )