BOOK - Eerie Dearies: 26 Ways to Miss School

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   Astral projection, gremlin-attacks, and teleportation are just a few of the reasons for academic absence creatively illustrated in this book.

EERIE DEARIES is an unusual book that offers a carefully crafted & alphabetized selection of twenty-six beautifully illustrated excuses for being absent from school.

Faded and well-used book covers serve as compelling backgrounds to each of these delicately rendered acrylic paintings, creating an atmosphere akin to an old and dusty collection of darkly humourous myths.

  • This is a signed by Rebecca Chaperon
  • Published in 2014 by Simply Read Books.
  • This book is a beautiful hardcover, with golden and silver embossing on the cover with a textured spine.
  • Book Size: 8.75" x 11", 64 pages