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Passage One - 3 Sided Painting

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4" wide x 6" high x 1.75" deep , acrylic paint on wooden panel.

Do you need a doorway to another dimension for your work-at-home desk ? This is the perfect little portal to meditate into when the days are long and the screen-time is gettin' to ya !

Also this is painting is 3 paintings in one : ) There is a painting on the left edge of a candle with a golden candlestick and painting on the right edge of two trippy eyes. 

This piece is so fun because you can hang it on the wall, but it also looks nice when you displayed flat on a surface ( or a stack of books) or stood upright on a table-top or shelf. 

( I think art is most noticeable in your life when you rearrange it from time to time and this piece it would be easy to do that with. )

This piece was made by mixing and pouring the paint onto the surface to get the psychedelic swirls. It's hard to replicate the effects and let's just say I wasted alot of paint in the process of getting the hang of these !!!

These pieces have alot of interesting texture as a result of pouring the paint onto the surface and the texture shows through the matte black paint. 

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